My passion is to bring art to life and utilize new technology in my process if applicable. With over 10 years of
experience in motion graphics, video editing and 3D animation, I can help bring innovation and creativity to your
I have created and animated high polygon models for television as well as low polygon models for interactive
augmented reality apps used on tablet and smartphone devices. The 3D models I created have ranged from accurate
representations of machinery and environments to fully realistic human and animal characters. I have setup and
edited video from commercial shoots for broadcast television as well as edit sound effects, background music and
dialogue. My animation skill set helps to make everything dynamic and attention-grabbing.
I have recently worked for an advertising agency for 7 years and now I am looking for more opportunities to expand
my abilities and be a part of innovation. I have been most interested in development for Virtual Reality, 360 degree
video and HoloLens. These types of technologies represent an amazing immersion in the way information is
conveyed. I took the opportunity to travel to San Francisco to experience AR/VR technology demos first hand. The
event provided a great look into the future possibilities of this form of communication.


3D and Motion Graphics Animator at GO2 Advertising
June 2009 – May 2016

Edit video and create motion graphic animations for broadcast commercials using After Effects.
Create 3D animations for video projects using Autodesk Maya. 3D creations range from general
objects to fully detailed and rigged characters. 3D renderings for full animation and compositing
with video as well as 3d animation for real time apps developed through Unity.

Design Instructor at ITT Technical Institute
March 2009 – August 2010 (1 year 6 months)

Taught 3D animation, Video Editing, Web Design, Digital Imaging.

Instructor at Raffles Design Institute
September 2006 – September 2008 (2 years 1 month)

Design and instructed course work for classes ranging from 3D Computer Graphics/Animation
to traditional Illustration.

Skills & Expertise
3D Modeler
3D Animator
Motion Graphics Animator
After Effects
Motion Graphics
Character Design
Video Editing
Adobe Suite CC 2015
Youngstown State University
Bachelors, Art and Technology, 1998 – 2003